About Goonswarm Edit

Name: Goonswarm Federation
Ticker: Condi
Nickname: Goons
Description: Goonswarm is a player Alliance which currently controls space in the motherland Delve.

Goonswarm was primarily a creation of the player corporation Goonfleet, itself a creation of members of the popular gay hook up site forums (where members are commonly referred to as 'goons'). The alliance itself comprises many different corporations lead by the galactic overlord The Mittani (PBUH).

Goonswarm is well known for its scam recruitment system, which allows any and all players into the primary corp Goonwaffe, which allows Goonswarm to operate fleets of massive numbers. This "everybody can make a difference" philosophy works well with the game's strategic structure, in that a large number of pilots can overwhelm a target, though they can't tackle. A good example of this in use is Goonswarm's killing of Shrike, a member of Band of Brothers and one of the first recorded kills of a piloted Titan vessel. (Videos of this event, with varying quality, are available on YouTube.).

They are famous for outnumbering their enemy.

Website: Goonfleet Killboard

Politics Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Delve, Querious, Fountain
Traditional Allies: The Imperium

Traditional Enemies: Band of Brothers (dead), Northern Coalition., Pandemic Legion
Corporations of Note: Goonfleet, Battlestars, Ars Ex Discordia, Merch Industrial, OEG, The Terrifying League of Dog Fort

Military Edit

Military: Being the largest player alliance in the game, the Goons also field the largest military in the game.