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Gneiss Asteroid Visual

Gneiss Asteroid

Gneiss is a popular ore type because it holds a bit of many minerals, increasing its utility value. It has a little something of Tritanium, Mexallon, Isogen and Zydrine. It requires 400 ore units to refine

There are two variants:

Iridescent Gneiss[]

Gneiss is often the first major league ore that up and coming miners graduate to. Finding the more expensive variation of Gneiss, called Iridescent Gneiss, is a major coup for these miners.

Prismatic Gneiss[]

Prismatic Gneiss has fracturized molecule-structure, which explains its unique appearance. It is the most sought after member of the Gneiss family, as it yields 10% more than common Gneiss.


Gneiss Crystal

Using Gneiss mining crystals requires the following skills:
Icon06 01.png Gneiss Processing III
Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Refinery Efficiency IV
Spacer.png Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Refining V
Spacer.png Spacer.png Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Industry I
Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Metallurgy III
Spacer.png Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Science IV
Icon06 01.png Mining I

Using Tech 2 Gneiss mining crystals requires the following additional skills:
Icon06 01.png Gneiss Processing IV


The below amounts are on a per-unit basis.

Icon06 14.png Tritanium 171
Icon06 12.png Mexallon 171
Icon06 16.png Isogen 343
Icon11 11.png Zydrine 171
Iridescent Gneiss
Icon06 14.png Tritanium 180
Icon06 12.png Mexallon 180
Icon06 16.png Isogen 360
Icon11 11.png Zydrine 180
Prismatic Gneiss
Icon06 14.png Tritanium 188
Icon06 12.png Mexallon 188
Icon06 16.png Isogen 377
Icon11 11.png Zydrine 188


Processed Minerals and Unprocessed Ores


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