Faction ships are ships that are more powerful than the standard ships of their size. There are two types of faction ships: racial faction ships and pirate faction ships.

Racial Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

While most racial ships can be bought off the open market, racial faction ships are initially sold by the LP stores in the stations. The racial faction ships are often based off one of the standard hulls, but are modified by that race's navy to provide even better offensive and defensive power. These ships include frigates, cruisers, and battleships.

There are a few ships that are not only racial faction ships but Limited Edition Ships as well. These include the Armageddon Imperial Issue and the Raven State Issue.

Pirate Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

Notorious pirates are known for taking existing ships and modifying them to make them even more deadly pirate faction ships. The ships take technology from two different races and combine them into a deadly vessel. In order to pilot a pirate faction ship, you'll need the skills to pilot ships from two different races.

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