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Dreadnoughts are combat behemoths. They are capable of mounting capital-sized weapons, which can normally only be mounted on stationary platforms. Dreadnoughts are also vastly more durable than even the toughest battleships and heavy assault ships. Dreadnoughts are designed more for extended sieges of static installations, such as starbases or player-corporation owned stations. Despite their massive ability to absorb damage, dreadnoughts tend to require fleet support or face the risk of being overwhelmed by enemy counterattacks. Dreadnoughts also have the ability to enter siege mode, quintupling their offensive capabilities and quadrupling their defensive capabilities, but rendering them unable to move and unable to hit smaller ships as the siege module reduces the tracking of turrets and the explosion velocity of torpedoes by 92.5%. One dreadnought class exists for each major faction. A dreadnought costs about 1.2 billion ISK in minerals to make at-cost, selling for about 1.8-2.2 billion on the open market.

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