The Dakos's Rebellion led by Dakos Khanid began a year after the formation of the Khanid Kingdom. Dakos tried to reunite the Khanid Kingdom to the Amarr Empire and claimed to be the true Khanid Heir. However the rebellion failed after the assassination of Dakos by his adopted son Luxian.

Gathering Assistance[edit | edit source]

Dakos slowly gained the support and trust of Holders and soldiers who equally disagreed with the Khanid Sucession. This process was slow as few in the beginning trusted Dakos since he was the brother of King Khanid II, but by a year he gathered enough forces to launch a rebellion against King Khanid II.

Dakos received the support of the Amarr Empire but the rulers were busy focusing and building up their own power to provide direct assistance. Dakos did receive funds which allowed him to hire mercanaries to fight for him and contruct ships.

Rebellion[edit | edit source]

Dakos declared himself the true Heir of the Khanid Family which signaled the start of the Dakos's Rebellion. Over mere weeks, Dakos made several gains in the war taking a number of systems on the border between the Empire and the Kingdom. After one month, however, the advance stalled and the fighting bogged down between the Nohshayess and Finaka constellations.

Many battles consisted of Dakos attempting to apply overwhelming force with superior Kingdom admirals outmaneuvering and defeating him. During this time, Dakos's violent tendencies got worse with repeatedly browbeating his subordinates and making excessive demands of his admirals. Overtime many officers and soldiers complained about their leader's behavior.

Assassination and End of the Rebellion[edit | edit source]

Dakos had sent his adopted son Luxian in a suicidal assualt againt a heavy fortified Khanid installtion as punishment for hitting one of the pilots whom was gaining them victories despite his complaint about Dakos. The raid never happened as it was stopped by Kingdom forces and Luxian was captured.

Luxian was brought forth to his uncle, King Khanid II, whom tried to win over Luxian with gifts and power. Though eventually gave in so he could escape to allied forces, but didn't agree to actually assassinate his father. However when he returned Dakos, his father welcomed him back but privately berated him for his failure. Realizing the truth, he assassinated his adopted father. Luxian didn't escape far as Kingdom forces destroyed his shuttle.

Without a central leader, the rebellion collapsed with numerous of Holders surrendering to King Khanid II and the rest, that continued to fight, ceded their territory to the Amarr Empire.

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