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The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a group of nine player representatives elected by the players to serve as a voice for the player population. They will take issues of interest to the CCP Council (a group of CCP employees) for resolution.


To be considered eligible for election to the council, players must have an active account as well as a passport (council members will be required to travel to Iceland). When voting starts, each active account is given a single vote to cast. Players who control multiple account can vote once for each account. After the votes are tallied, the top nine candidates are elected as Representatives to the CSM and the next five candidates are considered Alternates.

Council Structure[]

The candidate with the most votes received is awarded the title of Chairman of the CSM. The CSM will then vote on which members will be Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Vice-Secretary. The roles of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are to call meetings and keep the discussion on track. The roles of the Secretary and Vice-Secretary are to keep records of all meetings and publish the minutes on the Eve Online website.

The term of offices for CSM members is six months. A player can serve a maximum of two terms (consecutive or not) as a CSM member. Once a Representative has been on the council for two terms, they are no longer eligible for re-election. Alternates do not have term limits. However, once an Alternate permanently replaces an elected representative they are considered to have served for the Term.

First Council[]

The First Council of Stellar Management was elected on May 21, 2008.

Player Name Character Corporation Votes Received Council Position
Andrew Cruse Jade Constantine Jericho Fraction 2436 Chairman
Niall Dologhan Hardin Imperial Dreams 2393 Representative until October 3 (Resigned)
Eva Jobse Ankhesentapemkah Aliastra (NPC) 1551 Secretary
Alexander Kravitz Bane Glorious GoonFleet 1536 Representative
Sean Conover Darius JOHNSON GoonFleet 1268 Representative
Valentijn Geirnaert Dierdra Vaal Eve University 1059 Vice-Secretary
Shayne Smart Serenity Steele Dynamic Data Distribution 965 Vice-Chairman
Charlie Eriksen LaVista Vista Conservative Shenanigans Party 764 Representative
Alison Wheeler Inanna Zuni The Causality 706 Representative
Marcell Lбszlу Tуth Tusko Hopkins HUN Corp. 689 Alternate, Representative from October 8
Jeremy Jankie Omber Zombie Frontier Technologies 685 Alternate
Shaun Pilkington Gritt Pebbledasher PURE Legion 659 Alternate
Vasyl Styazhkin azzazell Free Space Tech 653 Alternate
Karsten Liebscher Leandro Salazar The Blackguard Wolves 495 Alternate