Sharks with Frickin Laser Beams were created by Miso with the intention of being anti alliance guerilla fighters, pirates, killers for hire and generally having fun in the world of EVE. Miso soon left, dissatisfied with EVE and what it had to offer.

Slowly the Sharks evolved from being simple pirates to being one of the most feared merc corps in EVE under the guiding hand of Charity Regard, CEO.

Working with Body Count Inc. on several contracts meant a lot of publicity for FRICK, as BDCI videos are amongst the best in EVE.

From the Everlasting Vendetta contract right through to the current Force of Evil Contract Sharks and Body Count have worked together to achieve their aims, with each corp calling on the other when numbers are needed. Sharks of course go back to their roots when there’s not any work to be had, pirating the systems.

The mercenary coalition is the name given to Sharks and Body Count, and merely serves to highlight that the two corps are sister corps and work well together, for the client with a little more isk to spend. Recent additions to the coalition include North Star Networks and The Corporation.

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