CEO: Shadowthrone

Description: An extremly PVP geared corporation with ~30 active members.Very qualified pilots,Fighting heavily outnumbered daily.

History: Anti-Pirate Stance from the very beginning,Once fought in the northern areas of eve alongside Phoenix Alliance,After they continued killing pirates,which included CA at the time,When going to an in CA space Stain Empire [SE] attacked them in HED-GP,At neutral standing.CELES pilots never got reimbursed which resulted in a empire war,Celestial Apocalypse vs Stain Empire,The war,Leading to huge losses for SE,Was a huge success for Celestial Apocalypse,Who was already well-known in the PVP business,This also lead to SE breaking down and many member corps leaving.
When CELES pilots felt they were finished with SE,They went back to their anti-pirate roots and started a war versus Forces of Evil [FOE],Which led to numerous defeats for the FoE alliance in the Obe area,FoE was at the end of the war close to disband due to the numerous empire wars declared on them.
CELES now turned their eyes towards The five [.5] and declared empire war vs these,Which resulted in some very good fights,Overall CELES had the edge,This lead to Mercenary Coalation being contracted to hunt down CELES members,CELES pilots had a rough time with the blobbing tactics that MC used,Members got bored,Stopped logging on.CEO Shadowthrone decides to put the corp to a 1 month break,CELES members rejoin after one month of making ISK,And now turned their eyes towards BOB and Xelas Alliance,Who they know fight daily in Delve region.