The CONCORD is a police ship that can be found in places where the sec lvl is 1.0 to 0.5. The CONCORD will attack players who have a criminal status.


  • The term "concord" is used in real life for a name of a special type of mass aviation passenger aircraft, that was used by British Airways, Air France, and Singapore Airlines.
    • The concord has a few but not a majority of visual features that matches the real life aviation aircraft.
  • The concord can warp in to a player and kill the attacker, if the attacker is attacking someone without invite to a duel.
  • The Federal Navy Academy, due to its location at Rancer, which is 0.4 sec lvl, is the only major docking port that does not have any concord police ship patrolling the area.
    • The federal navy academy, at Rancer, is one of the three starting choices for a home base for new players.
  • A player can attack a concord.
    • To this day, no one has been able to defeat a concord in battle. It is yet to be seen what happens when a concord is destroyed by a player, and what is the possible loot that can be seen.
      • There are rumors that the possible loot could be dark orchard asteroids, since the Concord is nearly impossible, and has not yet been, defeated, and that dark orchards are as well to hard to obtain.
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