Icon22 08.png Powergrid 450,000 MW
Icon12 07.pngCPU 825 tf
Icon08 11.png High Slots 5
Icon08 10.png Medium Slots 7
Icon08 09.png Low Slots 4
Icon12 12.pngLauncher Hardpoints 0
Icon05 13.pngTurrets Hardpoints 0
Icon68 01.pngUpgrade Hardpoints 3
Icon68 01.png Calibration 400
Hull Chimera Class
Role Carrier
The Chimera’s design is based upon the Kairiola, a vessel holding tremendous historical significance for the Caldari. Initially a water freighter, the Kairiola was refitted in the days of the Gallente-Caldari war to act as a fighter carrier during the orbital bombardment of Caldari Prime.

It was most famously flown by the legendary Admiral Yakia Tovil-Toba directly into Gallente Prime’s atmosphere, where it fragmented and struck several key locations on the planet. This event, where the good Admiral gave his life, marked the culmination of a week’s concentrated campaign of distraction which enabled the Caldari to evacuate their people from their besieged home planet. Where the Chimera roams, the Caldari remember.

Special Abilities
Caldari Carrier Skill Bonus:
  • 50% bonus to Capital Energy and Shield transfer range per level
  • 5% bonus to all Shield resistances per level
  • Can deploy 1 additional Fighter per level
Role Bonus:
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Warfare Link modules
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration modules
  • 200% bonus to Fighter control range
Icon22 07.pngCapacity 125,000 HP
Icon22 20.pngEM 0 %
Icon22 19.pngExplosive 60 %
Icon22 17.pngKinetic 40 %
Icon22 18.pngThermal 20 %
Icon01 09.pngCapacity 100,000 HP
Icon22 20.pngEM 60 %
Icon22 19.pngExplosive 10 %
Icon22 17.pngKinetic 25 %
Icon22 18.pngThermal 45 %
Icon02 10.pngCapacity 125,000 HP
Icon22 20.pngEM 0 %
Icon22 19.pngExplosive 0 %
Icon22 17.pngKinetic 0 %
Icon22 18.pngThermal 0 %
Icon03 13.pngCargo Bay 3,475 m3
Icon03 13.pngCorporate Hanger 10,000 m3
Icon02 10.pngMass 1,080,000,000.00 kg
Icon03 13.pngShip Maintenance Bay 1,000,000 m3
Icon02 12.pngVolume 11,925,000.00 m3
Icon01 04.pngCapacity 56,250 GJ
Icon22 16.pngRecharge 3,901,730 ms
Icon02 10.pngCapacity 80,000 m3
Icon56 05.pngBandwidth 375 Mbit/sec
Icon22 13.pngVelocity 65 m/sec
Icon03 08.pngWarp Speed 2.5 AU/S
Icon22 08.pngJump Capacitor Use 0.95 %
Icon22 16.pngJump Fuel Need 1000
Icon07 15.pngJump Fuel Type Icon51 16.png Nitrogen Isotopes
Icon22 15.pngMax Jump Range 6.5 ly
Icon22 25.pngGravimetric 80 points
Icon07 15.pngTargets 6
Icon22 15.pngRange 110 km
Icon03 09.pngScan Resolution 45 mm
Icon22 14.pngSignature Radius 3,065 m
Skills Required
Primary Skill Caldari Carrier I
Primary Skill Capital Ships III
Primary Skill Jump Drive Operation I
Primary Skill Advanced Spaceship Command V
Secondary Skill Caldari Battleship V
Secondary Skill Warp Drive Operation V
Secondary Skill Drone Interfacing V
Tech I Chimera512.jpgChimera
Tech II Wyvern512.jpgWyvern
Other Images
Chimera Carrier
Chimera Carrier
Chimera Carrier
Chimera Carrier
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