Carthum conglomerate.jpg

Tarai Nakid, CEO

The Carthum is a fairly new company that was formed with aid from the Caldari Lai Dai mega corporation, which owns a considerable share in the company. Carthum brought much needed vitality into the stale field of research and development and has been responsible for the respectable hi-tech gadgetry in many recent Amarrian space ships.

Corp Information[edit | edit source]

  • Ticker: C
  • Size: Huge
  • Extent: National
  • Headquarters: Pimebeka VII - Moon 16 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory
  • Offices: 60 in 33 systems
  • Shares: 2117852470
  • Share price: 99
  • Share Holders: Sarum Family 35% / Ducia Foundry 20%
  • Activity: Hi-Tech Construction
  • Partner: Sarum Family
  • Competitor: Khanid Innovation
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