Targets any hostile ship within range on activation. Grants a +3 bonus to ship's max targets when online.

Auto Targeting System II
Icon04 10t2.png
Automated targeting systems automatically target hostile ships within the modules range and allow for additional locked targets.
Icon02 10.png
Mass: 30 kg
Icon02 09.png
Volume: 5 m3 packaged
Icon22 08.png
Activation Cost: 10 Energy
Icon22 16.png
Activation Time/Duration: 5,000 ms
Icon07 12.png
Base Price: 72,896 ISK
Icon22 23.png
Max Locked Targets Bonus: 3
Icon07 15.png
Meta Level: 5
Icon09 16.png
Tech Level: 2
Icon22 15.png
Targeting Range: 60 km
Icon12 07.png
CPU: 35 tf
Icon22 08.png
Powergrid: 1 MW
Icon08 09.png
Slot Type: High
Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Icon06 01.png Targeting IV
Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Electronics I
Material / Mineral
Icon06 12.png Mexallon: 62
Icon35 02.png Morphite: 2
Icon06 15.png Pyerite: 497
Icon06 14.png Tritanium: 700
Module Class
Icon04 10.png Automated Targeting Systems
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