Armagaddon Imperial Issue
Icon12 07CPU 550 tf
Icon08 11High Slots 8
Icon08 10Mid Slots 4
Icon08 09Low Slots 8
Icon12 12Launcher Hardpoints 0
Icon05 13Turret Hardpoints 7
Icon68 01Upgrade Hardpoints 3
Icon68 01Calibration 400
Hull Armageddon Class
Developer Imperial Navy
Role Battleship
Designed and constructed by the most skilled starship engineers and architects of the Empire, the imperial issue of the mighty Armageddon class is an upgraded version of the most-used warship of the Amarr. Its heavy armaments and strong front are specially designed to crash into any battle like a juggernaut and deliver swift justice in the name of the Emperor.
Special Abilities
Amarr Battleship Skill Bonus:
  • 10% bonus to Large Energy Turret capacitor use per level
  • 5% Large Energy Turret rate of fire per level
Shields Armor Structure
Icon22 07Capacity 7,150 HP Icon01 09Capacity 9,500 HP Icon02 10Capacity 8,075 HP
Icon22 20EM 0 % Icon22 20EM 50 % Icon22 20EM 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive 50 % Icon22 19Explosive 20 % Icon22 19Explosive 0 %
Icon22 17Kinetic 40 % Icon22 17Kinetic 25 % Icon22 17Kinetic 0 %
Icon22 18Thermal 20 % Icon22 18Thermal 35 % Icon22 18Thermal 0 %
Icon03 13Cargo Bay 600 m3
Icon02 10Mass 97,100,000.00 kg
Icon02 12Volume 486,000.00 m3
Capacitor Drones Navigation
Icon01 04Capacity 6,640 GJ Icon02 10Capacity 150 m3 Icon22 13Velocity 94 m/sec
Icon22 16Recharge 1,150,000 ms Icon56 05Bandwidth 125 Mbit/sec Icon03 08Warp Speed 3.0 AU/S
Icon22 24Inertia Modifier 0.136
Targeting Skills Required Variations

Icon22 28RADAR

31 points

Primary Skill Amarr Battleship I Tech I Armageddon
Icon07 15Targets 7 Tech II Redeemer
Icon03 09Scan Resolution 110 mm Faction Bhaalgorn

Armageddon Navy Issue

Icon22 14Signature Radius 400 m Limited Edition Armageddon Imperial Issue
Icon22 15Range 65 km Secondary Skill Amarr Cruiser IV
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