The Amarr-Jove War was a short conflict between the Amarr Empire and the Jove Empire in 23216 AD.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Amarr Empire had intended to use the war to revitalize faith in the Reclaiming and add the Jovians to the Empire as slaves. The Amarr Empire believed the Jove were weakened due to the Jovian Disease and saw them as easy prey. Before their invasion, the Empire broadcasted its intentions to invade the Jove weeks before they actually did.

Meanwhile, elements were working against the Amarr Empire. A Jove, named Grious, obtained the full battle plans of the Amarr fleet from an Amarr named Admiral Faus Akredon, who had begun to lose faith in the Amarr Empire. Faus covertly worked with Grious and aided the Minmatar by planning their rebellion. They believed that if the Amarr Empire won the battle at Vak'Atioth, the Minmatar Rebellion would have failed.

Battle of Vak'Atioth[edit | edit source]

Forewarned and aware of the Amarrian battle plans, the Jove were able to counter the Amarr fleet perfectly. While the Amarr fleet was mostly composed of battleships and heavy cruisers, its support was light leaving the fleet's defenses unguarded.

The Jove first sent sent small wings of frigates against the Amarr. While the Amarrians scored the first kill, a stationary Jove ship, the Jove frigates quickly reached full speed and pinned down the Amarrian vessels. It was then that a Jovian Mothership was brought onto the field. This ancient vessel's size was nearly unmatched throughout New Eden and had been equipped with the latest and most devastating of Jovian weaponry. Each shot was capable of annihilating an Amarr Apocalypse battleship completely.

The Amarr were in chaos as their ships were pinned by the Jove frigates, being torn apart by cruiser fire from long range and were being completely destroyed by the Mothership's doomsday weapon. Soon their lines of communication were broken and, since Amarr battle doctrine demanded no surrender or retreat, many lost their lives.

The battle just lasted six hours and ended with the majority of the Amarr fleet ruined, while the Jove had lost only a third of their vessels. Any Amarr that retreated were promptly executed and their families and holds were enslaved.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Amarrians underestimated the technological superiority of the Jove. The Amarr Empire was crushingly defeated in the Battle of Vak'Atioth.

After coming to grips with their defeat, the Amarr Empire planned to invade a second time with a larger and prepared fleet. However, the Minmatar Rebellion occurred and disrupted their plans. Having to face both an external war and an internal rebellion, the Empire wanted peace with the Jove. The Jove, unwilling to fight in a war, agreed to the peace and left the Amarrians alone.

Though it was a lopsided victory for the Jove in the war, it became well known deterrent against invasion by any of the races.

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