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About The Confederation Edit

Long Name: The Confederation
Short Form: CFD
Description: A Predominantly NON-pvp, Empire Based, neutral alliance
EVE Info Page:

Alliance Executor: Big Russ
Diplomats: Hulredi, CdCommander

Political Edit

Current Regions Controlled: None

Form of Government: Democracy

Piracy: We frown upon PIRACY

Current Diplomatic Agreements:

Last Updated: 22JAN05

Friends Of Alliance:
1. Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate [IAC] (contact: Yyrkoon)
2. Freelancer Alliance [FLA] (contact: Anjelle)*

  • un-registered Eve Alliance

Non-aggression Pacts:

1. Xetic Federation [XF] (contact: lwen)
2. Stain Empire [SE] (contact: Andromedus)
3. Firmus Ixion [FIX] (contact: S3VYN)
4. 3rd Front Alliance [3FA] (contact: clipped wings)
5. HUZZAH FEDERATION [HF] (contact: Angry Dan)
6. Free Space Alliance [FSA] (contact: APOC UK)
7. Coalition of Empires [COE] (contact: conchita)
8. Period Basis Legion [PBL] (contact: Jona Mae)*
9. Ushra'Khan [UNITY] (contact: Adrielle Firewalker)
10. Valhalla Alliance [VA] (contact: Hrum)
11. Die Patrizier [DP] (contact: Nachtfalke)
12. Deep Space Alliance [DSA] (contact: Enosh
Kerrim)* (Applied for 27jan05)

  • Un-registered Eve Alliance

Economic Edit

Stations: None
Ores: None
Manufacturing: Unknown

Military Edit

Military: unknown

History Edit


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