One of the first alliances in game Stain Empire (Originally Stain Alliance) was formed by The Holy Emperor Trigger of the Ministry of Amarrian Secret Service at the very beginning of eve.

Pre-Civil war Edit

SA was at once one of the most power Alliance in EVE boasting many powerful corps such as IGS, SGE, IEEX, and Xenobytes. SA was in a long running conflict with Curse Alliance that lead to many large scale battles as well as losses and gains of stations and influence over areas of space. Sadly CA faded out of existence after internal problems (possibly caused by the war) resulted in them disbanding with SA claiming victory.

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The Civil war Edit

With SA's leader his holiness Trigger departing with his Royal Gaurd from SA, Xenobytes along with other corps reformed their own Stain Empire (SE) under Cujo who took the reigns and kept SE. However, the good Emperor, Trigger returned much to the dismay of Xenobytes and Cujo. Internal conflict soon arose with corps taking sides, Xenobytes and co holding on to the SE name while Trigger and his loyalists created Stain Alliance (S-A). After a long and bloody civil war, Trigger and S-A left Stain. Stain Alliance was later disbanded.

Huzzah campaign, Disbandment Edit

After the Civil War, Xenobytes lead SE into a series of battles against neighbours to the east - Axiom Empire and Ascendant Frontier. In this conflict, new friendship was forged - with corporation Rage and Terror [R.A.T.] and ex-SA corporation The Collective [COL]. Together, those two corporation and SE attacked Huzzah Federation, besieging several key systems simultaniously. In the midst of this campaign, new alliance was created: Against All Authorities [.-A-.] Huzzah Federation capitulated to [.-A-.] in 3 days. All SE corporations joined [.-A-.], SE was declared disbanded.

An official announcement about their disbandment can be found here

Resurrection Edit

Although SE was officialy disbanded, small holding corporation was created to preserve the famous name. After some happy time in [.-A-.], and another successful campaign - against the Axiom Empire, Xenobytes left [.-A-.] and resurrected the Stain Empire.

Currently Edit

SE holds eastern Stain and claims several star sytems in northern Esoteria, contesting space from the Goonswarm.