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Long Name: Phoenix Alliance
Short Form: PA
Description: The Phoenix Alliance is in many ways the odd man out in the northern part of EVE, attacked and besieged for a long time by its neighbors, it is currently fighting a war with BoB. Much of its territory is heavily disputed by BoB but neither side has yet to gain victory. Though wearied by a long war with BoB and the rest of the north, PA has yet to capitulate to its enemies.
EVE Info Page: (Note: Not all Alliance member Corps are necessarily officially joined with the Alliance)
Traditional Regions Controlled: Venal
Form of Government: Democracy
Traditional Allies:
Traditional Enemies: BoB
Piracy: Anti Piracy
Corperations of Note:
Stations: PCS
Ores: Good amounts of Bistot, Crokite and Dark Ochre
Military: The PA military is very experienced, but is at the same time exhausted by first the Great Northern War and the later war with BoB. Rona-KIA leaving for CA struck a further blow, but as of yet PA has not given up and is still fighting on.
History: The Phoenix Alliance is in many ways the CA of the north. Fought and heavily besieged by its neighbors it fights a constant battle for survival. Despite being outnumbered and almost overrun by BoB they continue to put up stiff resistance.

Update by Mortuus: the PA is now mostly new corps. Many inexperienced in combat. However we do continue to posess an indomitable spirit. Our PvP pilots, while maybe not the best in the game, can give most people a run for their money, thats not our strength. Our strength is that we are never defeated. Beaten in a battle maybe, but never defeated.

We just successfully removed Xelas alliance from Tenal after giving them the region with the agreement that we would have a mutual defense and standings, as they were ex-PA corps. However they betrayed our trust, giving BoB offices in the north and opening the back door to another invasion. After about 2 weeks of fighting, their stations were taken, PoS's removed or destroyed and they contacted us for terms of surrender, removing their equipment from the North. Now Xelas lives in fountain region under BoB.

Our current government is much more free form than it was under Cochise and 20th legion. Its a true Republic, with representatives and no one leader. Each corp brings an equal vote to the table. With our new friends in NBSI and a unified North for once in EVE history I think we stand a good chance to see a period of peace and growth.
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