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Long Name: Northern Star Alliance
Short Form: NSA
Description: The Northern Star Alliance was once a major alliance controlling the Deklein region. They were primarily mining/production after their PVP corporations departed the alliance rather than accept a deal to end hostilities with BoB prior to their departure from the north.
Traditional Regions Controlled: Deklein
Form of Government: Democracy: Each corperation sits on a council and has a single vote on matters.
Traditional Allies: NORAD, CELEST, JHER
Traditional Enemies: BoB, CA, FOE, F-E, AWM, DIE., FOLEN, -NM-, -ASS-, and pirates in general
Piracy: Anti Pirate
Ores: half a dozen Bistot systems, vast amounts of Crokite, and Dark Ochre
Military: The majority of PvP corporations departed the alliance after the deal with BoB.
History: The NSA was a merger of the UNICOR and CoD alliances. The merger was made because of CoDs lack of PvP players and UNICOR's need of a 0.0 home.

After a relatively brief conflict with BoB, BoB gave the NSA a chance to surrender. Taken to a council vote, all but 6 corporations voted to accept the deal of losing control of Dekleins stations for an end to hostilities. Within 24 hours of singing the deal NSA lost 30% of its members as the 6 corporations that voted against the deal left the alliance.

After the deal was signed with BoB the remaining corporations slowly left while some left the area others stayed during BoBs control of Deklein and later after BoBs departure from the north.

On the 24th of February 2005 the Northern Star Alliance disbanded.

Editor's Note: If someone would like to fill in more of what happened to cause the rest for the corporations to leave it would help.