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About Imperium Edit

Long Name: Imperium
Short Form: IMP
Description: Imperium is a new alliance consisting mostly of former Curse Alliance corporations. IMP recently seized control of the Syndicate and Outer Ring regions. Their base of operations is currently in former NORAD space. Recently G Alliance has been assimilated into the Imperium, bringing the Cloud Ring, Pure Blind, Fade and Deklein Regions into the alliance. The holding of these new territories is still effectivly in debate due to the lack of reasoning for spending resources holding the space.
Website: Not publically availble
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: Aneu Angellus, Acks, The Enslaver

Political Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Regions, supporting Supremacy in Syndicate
Form of Government: Democracy
Traditional Allies: G Alliance, some of the former CA corps, most notably Supremacy
Black Omega Security Traditional Enemies: JQA, XF, Corporations:Shinra
Piracy: Anti-Piracy, limited. Pirating for profit via ransoming is not allowed, but there is no rule against attacking players not at war with the Alliance. This is one reason Armoured Assasins left the Alliance shortly after it was founded.
Corporations of Note: Vengance of the Fallen, Rona-KIA, Rona-Vortex, HYDR4
Close Allies: The famous PVP corp Supremacy is very closely aligned with the Imperium, with a mutual defense pact but they have different foreign policy agendas. Black Omega Security is also allies with Imperium and assisted in Imperium taking their claimed regions. And even though they are not part of Imperium they have strong enough ties that Black Omega Security defends Imp Space. Black Omega Security also has different foreign policy and agendas.

Economic Edit

Stations: NPC, a few PCS set up as needed at strategic locations.
Ores: Arkonor Bistrot
Manufacturing: Stated as Extremely limited. Composed exclusivly of PVP corps Imperium has very little or noindustrial base to replace losses. Exact information on Imperium industrial assets are current unavailble due to being classified in nature.

Military Edit

Military: Medium sized but very tough. IMP consists exclusively of PVP corps, some of which have a lot of experience.

History Edit

History: Insanium was formed during the internal disputes preceeding the collapse of the notorious Curse Alliance. Composed of some of the most elite of the Curse Alliance PVP corps they moved accross the galaxy to setup in the Outer Ring region and work closely with Supremacy in the Syndicate region.

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