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Long Name: Huzzah Federation Short Form: HF

Description: Our Federation is a benign alliance made up of active and independent non-industrial corporations. We are a multi-ethnic group and lean towards the philosophy of generating wealth for ourselves. We live in Providence and guard our space against the depredations of capsuleer pirates and the Sansha. We are assisted in this task by a strong alliance with our friends the CVA..

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Political Edit

Traditional Systems Controlled: Lower Catch only, V2-VC2 and 5-N down to X4- and FAT-6P (liberated from Firmus Ixion) over to 4-07. Huzzah NBSI zone begins from X4 and extends to 4-07 at the border to BoB space in the FAT pocket, and extends from GE-8JV through the V2/ 5-N loop down the BUZ pipe to join the FAT region territory.

Form of Government: Corporate Democracy

Traditional Allies: NAP held with with CVA and many others.

Traditional Enemies: None

Piracy: Anti Pirate,

Diplomatic Contacts: Angry Dan

Ingame Channel: HUZZAH

Economic Edit

Manufacturing: Empire based. Most ammunition, modules and ships are produced. Limited types of advanced technology are entering production at the time of writing.

Mining: Mining is prohibited for non-HF corps in Huzzah space. Ore types are not publicised. But there is some veldspar.

Stations: No major corporations have stations in Huzzah space. Huzzah Federation has deployed a number of its own stations.

Travel: Free access is granted along the route between TU-R16 and G7AQ-7, other systems are generally off limits without prior arrangement. Travel is at pilots own risk, HF cannot accept responsibility for piracy in its systems.

History Edit

The Huzzah Federation is a relative newcomer to the formal realm of galactic nations, although Huzzah has existed in one form or another since pods were cleared for use. The decision to create the federation came after the fall of the Coaliton Of Free Stars. A number of pilots abandoned their homes in Period Basis, Delve and Querious for the old empires, tired of the constant bickering, piracy and wars. Together with old and new friends, they set out to create a new organisation, that did not overreach itself, held it's own space, and was capable of providing the security required without needing external assistance. Since its formation Huzzah Federation has grown, providing a stablising presence to one of the riskier border areas. This has not been without its ups and downs, but so far Huzzah Federation has weathered the storms, and will continue to do so.