About Force of Evil Edit

Long Name: Force of Evil
Short Form: FOE
Description: Alliance made up of former CA corps, Forsaken Empire, former PA corps and some former UFS corps. Once controlled Vale of the Silent, Tribute and Geminate. Alliance has now Dispanded
EVE Info Page: (Note: Not all Alliance member Corps are necessarily officially joined with the Alliance)
Contacts: F-E Officials

Political Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Vale of the Silent, Tribute, Geminate
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Traditional Allies: ?
Traditional Enemies: BoB, FA, Xetic, SE
Piracy: Yes
Corporations of Note: Forsaken Empire, Corp 1, Celts, Quam Singulari

Economic Edit

Stations: PCS & POS
Ores: All

Military Edit

Military: Military strength strong. Primarily PVP alliance.

History Edit

History: When Forsaken Empire broke out of TPS, they got a few former UFS corps with them (Peacekeepers Inc, Celtic Industries, Dirty Deeds, Axis Of Power), and with strong support from Deviance they eliminated TPS. The Dark Alliance was temporary created. When CA fell apart, many former CA-corps joined up, and the FOE alliance was created, a strong brick in the politics of EVE.

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