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About Firmus Ixion[edit | edit source]

Long Name: Firmus Ixion
Short Form: FIX
Description: Firmus Ixion is an alliance born from conflict in the Querious region. They were formed immediately prior to the FA/CFS war in order to protect the interests of corporations in Querious who were neither FA nor CFS. (pls stop posting flames and trolling)
EVE Info Page:
Territory Held: Outpost Alert!
Contacts: Avernus, BeakerJoe, Zangief Suikoi, Manfred Sideous, Mallindah, Weird Beard

Politics[edit | edit source]

Traditional Regions Controlled: Querious Form of Government: Republic
Traditional Allies: BoB , Mercenery Coalition, Xelas Alliance
Traditional Enemies: Those who threaten FIX sovereign territory, SE/SA (and the now -A- alliance).
Piracy: Anti Piracy
Corporations of Note:

Economics[edit | edit source]

Stations: PCS
Ores: No Arknor

Military[edit | edit source]

Military: Formed out of the Querious Defense Force (QDF) which was founded to protect the region of Querious from intruders. The QDF was founded as a supplement to the CFS, which had proven incapable of thwarting attackers. During the FA/CFS war the QDF spawned Firmus Ixion, the governing body of Querious. The FIX military is known for honor, discipline and determination. The FIX military will attempt to peacefully resolve issues with unknown entities and will attack known enemies with fervor.

History[edit | edit source]

History: Firmus Ixion was formed during a time of conflict in the southern regions of the EVE universe. Conflict between Fountain Alliance and the UFS (made up of the CFS and underling alliances) forced the Querious Defense Force, which was made up of both FA and former CFS corporations, to choose sides. Instead of choosing direct sides the QDF leadership decided that the group making up the QDF was strong enough to stand on its own.

This left the UFS without many capable corporations which they had traditionally considered friends and thwarted their efforts to evict Fountain Alliance from the southern regions.

The QDF was able to quickly organize into Firmus Ixion and create a representative government during the war. As such, many of the processes and representatives of Firmus Ixion are capable for sustaining long periods of conflict.

Recently, all out war has erupted between Firmus Ixion and Stain Alliance.

FIX is no longer in direct control of the region of Querious, following a large scale invasion by a coalition of several alliances, including Stain Alliance and Huzzah Federation. Once it became apparent that FIX may lose Querious, the neighboring Band of Brothers alliance intervened and quickly routed the invading coalition. Querious is now officially listed as sovereign BoB territory, and is now not inhabited or maintained by Firmux Ixion.

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