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As a dead alliance the approach to information is different than a live alliance.
Information about dead alliances reflect more of a general history, not the state of affairs at the time of its death.
See Alliance Wiki:Dead Alliance for more information.

About Curse Alliance Edit

Long Name: Curse Alliance
Short Form: CA
Note: This Alliance does not exist anymore
Description: Curse used to be one of the strongest alliances (some say the strongest alliance) in EVE history. CA usually was at war with pretty much all of EVE, except for a few minor pirate alliances. They had some of the finest PvP corps in their ranks. CA disbanded after internal quarrels in January 2005.
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: None

Political Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Curse, Great Wildlands, Scalding Pass, Cache, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Insmother
Current Regions Controlled: None
Form of Government: Democracy
Traditional Allies: PA
Traditional Enemies: SE, Xetic, FA
Piracy: Partially
Corporations of Note: Shinra, Nomads, Vengance of the Fallen, Corp1, RUS, Supremacy (Omega Corp), Black Omega Security, m0o, Arcane Technologies, c0w, Sinister, Red Corsairs, Phantomsquad, D.L.E, Stronghold, M.corp

Economic Edit

Stations: None
Ores: None
Manufacturing: None

Military Edit

Military: None. Used to be very strong.

History Edit

History: One of the oldest alliances, consisting of former C4 and Curse corps. CA used to claim the most regions of all alliances in EVE. Formed with the idea of member corporations living and working together. And to PvP. The Curse Alliance at its peak of power fought a five front war and survived. Despite Curse Alliance's dark dark tendencies they had a very strict No Pirating stance and any Curse Alliance Corporation caught doing so would be kicked. 3 of the original founding corporations were the most hated pirate corporations in all of Eve had agreed to swear off their pirate ways, no one in EvE forgave them so Curse Alliance in its early days had a target rich enviroment.