About the 3rd Front Alliance Edit

Long Name: 3rd Front Alliance
Short Form: 3FA
Description: The 3rd Front Alliance is a group of mining corporations that banded together in the Syndicate region to fend off local pirates.
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: Clipped Wings
Territory Held: Outpost Alert!

Politics Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled by the 3rd Front Alliance: Parts of Syndicate.
Form of Government: Representational Democracy. Each member corporation has three representatives in the governing body called the Conclave. The Conclave sets general policy and long term forward strategy. Additionally, there is a triumvirate called the Trinity that addresses day-to-day management issues and provide rapid response to pressing matters.
Traditional Allies: The OSS, Goonfleet
Traditional Enemies:
Piracy: Anti Piracy
Corporations of Note:

Economic Information Edit

Stations: NPC
Ores: Best is Dark Ochre

Military and Wars Edit

Military: Based around anti-piracy.

Historically not that powerfull militarily, but a flair for diplomacy and modest claims to space have managed to keep it from ever coming under any major, organised siege.

Worked closely with the former JQA to secure the Syndicate region from Pirates, and during the inital stages of the war that destroyed JQA, was very active in helping to defend its ally. The alliance crumbled during this war however and one of the main JQA political factions began hostile raids against 3FA for a short time.

History Edit

History: 3FA was founded late Febuary 2004, with all of its corps having no previous 0.0 experience. They did well against the local pirate groups and have carved out a secure niche in their corner of space. Their major hurdle was the war with the short-lived Catch 22 Alliance consisting of Corp 1 and Killer Clowns from Outer Space. The 3FA military did not win the war per se, but their opponents lost taste for it after about a month and a half. Currently they are fighting a empire war against Armoured Assasins. They also mediated a dispute between JQA and NORAD shortly before the 3FA-JQA alliance, which had been in place for a long time, fell apart during the death throes of JQA; as internal factions forming within JQA combined with outside attacks to destroy the alliance.

Forum Discussions of Note Edit

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Editor's Note: Many thanks to Clipped Wings for providing a lot of this information.